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Armed Forces Museum

Whampoa Army and Unification of the Northern Expedition
Whampoa Army and Unification of the Northern Expedition
War of Resistance Against Japan
Taiwan Strait’s battle and chaos






Armed Forces Museum (AFM) is located in Poai District, close to the Presidential Office and MRT Ximen Station. AFM was founded on October 31, 1961. After the modern construction Project in 2004, the exhibit planning of AFM enables systematic introduction of the creation of Whampoa Army Spirit; to highlight the brilliant achievements of the National Revolutionary Forces from Eastward Expedition, Northward Expedition, Communist suppression, War of Resistance against Japan, Counterinsurgency Campaigns and Construction of Taiwan, and to understand current situation of the strong Armed Forces. Collections of representative weapons of all phases of Republic of China Armed Forces are also on display.

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Permanent Exhibition


Showroom #1
From establishment of Whampoa Army to reunion after the Northern Expedition

When Republic of China was just founded, part of the country was still fragmented because of the warlords. Dr. pun Yat-Sun realized that the revolution would not be accomplished without developing the revolutionary forces.

As a result, he decided to establish Whampoa Military Academy in Whampoa, Guangdong Province, on June 16th, 1924. The school army then reformed to National Revolutionary Army. In July, 1926, the Forces launched the Northern Expedition under the belief of "Down With Imperialism, Eliminate the Warlords, Save the Compatriots". It only took two and half years to complete the reunion of China.


Showroom #2
The 8-Year War of Resistance -Time of Tribulation

The 8-Year War of Resistance is a holy war that people of R.O.C. fought for survival and dependency. This is also an unprecedented war in Chinese history that the weak defeated the powerful one.

We can forgive, but we shall never forget those pains in wartime. We hope to soothe the pain and learn from the lessons in history, to be aware of the preciousness of peace.

Showroom #3
Counterinsurgency Campaign and Battle of the Taiwan Strait

China communists took the advantage of the war and pretended to fight together with the government while actually expending their military power. They rebelled after the victory of War against Japan. In 1949, the situation of Counterinsurgency Campaign reversed, the R.O.C government was forced to migrate to Taiwan. Our Armed Forces annihilated communist army at Kuningtou Battle and Tengpu Island to stabilized the situation under such adversity. In 1958, Chinese communists launched Taiwan-strait Campaign on August 23. Our armed forces jointly fought back, and smashed their ambitions to take over Taiwan, which ensured stability and prosperity of Taiwan.


Showroom #4
The Modernized R.O.C Armed

Under the current threats from the enemy and for the foreseeing demands for potential future wars, the R.O.C. Armed Forces had been aggressively adjusting the strategic deployments, R&D of military weapons, and reforms of the national defense system. This showroom not only exhibits the introduction of the latest weapon models of our Armed Forces, the indigenous weapons and the combined exercise but also the analysis of the importance of a legal system of the national defense system.

Showroom #5
Arms Showroom

This showroom is the only Showroom open to the public of the Light Weapons. Representative Weapons of every phase of R.O.C. Army are all collected. Each weapon represents a difficult and arduous history. From the 500 rifles of the Whampoa Army, these weapons tells valiant stories of these soldiers, carrying their limitless heavy burden and spirit to sacrifice and fight for their fellow countrymen.

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